Its all about England – Grasmere to Patterdale (Glenridding)

Guest writer here, Rufus has passed out for a while!  Grasmere to Patterdale is a stroll in the park for some, well for us as it happens, a nice 7 mile walk with a bit of a steep march up and over to Grisedale Tarn.  Weather was a bit grimbo, very Singapore and a bit Claggy (cloudy). 

We met a lot of fellow travellers on the way which is always a bonus of the C2C trek.  We were accused of being “people that bounded down the hills”, hence everyone makes way for us…, Annie’s knees are in a little pain hero Bodge is fine, as is seasoned walker Camilla.

The Grisedale Valley is pretty awesome, fantastic green due to the typical lakeland bracken on all the hills.  As soon as we hit the valley our grey and humid day changed as the sun came out, it lit the whole scene up as you can see in the pictures.  Our walk takes us between two pretty impressive mountains, St Sunday Crag with a stunning view over our left shoulders of  and the toweriing Striding Edge, following the prettier and less used path on the west side of Grisedale Beck. 

Here are some pics as we are just about to go to bed to prepare for a massive walk tomorrow.  Will put more photos up…thanks for the comments keep em coming.

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    2 today I hope you get a big pie tonight!

    Woof Woof Scrumpy & Maddie

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