Its all about England – Grasmere to Patterdale (Glenridding)

Guest writer here, Rufus has passed out for a while!  Grasmere to Patterdale is a stroll in the park for some, well for us as it happens, a nice 7 mile walk with a bit of a steep march up and over to Grisedale Tarn.  Weather was a bit grimbo, very Singapore and a bit Claggy (cloudy). 

We met a lot of fellow travellers on the way which is always a bonus of the C2C trek.  We were accused of being “people that bounded down the hills”, hence everyone makes way for us…, Annie’s knees are in a little pain hero Bodge is fine, as is seasoned walker Camilla.

The Grisedale Valley is pretty awesome, fantastic green due to the typical lakeland bracken on all the hills.  As soon as we hit the valley our grey and humid day changed as the sun came out, it lit the whole scene up as you can see in the pictures.  Our walk takes us between two pretty impressive mountains, St Sunday Crag with a stunning view over our left shoulders of  and the toweriing Striding Edge, following the prettier and less used path on the west side of Grisedale Beck. 

Here are some pics as we are just about to go to bed to prepare for a massive walk tomorrow.  Will put more photos up…thanks for the comments keep em coming.

Its all about picnics and rocks – Rosthwaite to Grasmere

The Scafell Hotel in Rosthwaite was a cracker, slate bedroom floor perfect for a cooling my tummy.  Breakfast sausage provided by Camilla, proper Cumberland, fantastic and the walk recommences at the back door after false start, Sherpa Mill again!  Superb. 

Another v v hot day ahead but it is a shorty, around 8 miles.  Annie has hitched a lift to Keswick to get newspapers and lunch, four pints of lager and some pies for the walking hero Bodge and some other good bits and bobs for the rest of us.

First track we come to takes us along a stony path, not good for my already hot feet, get me some big boots guys….don’t worry though I am coping and there are some sheep on this one, what they are doing here I have no idea….look a little sheepish though.  Bah Hah.

Scaring sheep, a bit naughty

Straight up past all chatty trekkers, the team have their walking legs on now, we reach the top of Lining Crag where we met all manner of walkers, loads doing the C2C for charity, what is the C2C by the way?  I tried to nab their lunch but got nowhere and they all took photos of me, I am handsome you know.  We strode on up to Greenup Edge, not very far but very confusing for our guide Camilla and we wandered aimlessly for a good few mins, good for me as it was full of peat bogs which I dove into…grubby or what.  Ace.

Another day in the outside lane everyone seemed to be on a stroller….not us.  We raced down Birks admiring the utterly stunning views, well that is what Annie said frankly I have no idea what a view is all I know is there was nothing to chase, I did find a stick and a few more peat bogs though.  Into the valley and up the other side we took a lefter and made our way to the top of Calf Crag, shortly followed by Gibson Knot and eventually we arrived at Helm Crag, which sits above Grasm ere, aka the Lion and the Lamb   (I saw no Lions but plenty of Lambs).

Funniest moment ever, Camilla told Bodge and Annie they had to climb the rocks in the pic below or they would not bag their  Wainwright…..rubbish a much smaller outcrop further up the hill was the real one.  It was too tough for me but Camilla made it half way, well done Mills.  Annie and Bodge almost got stuck up the top, Dupter please (helicopter to all non Hursts).

Annie has been given my special award of the holiday for the picnic, Harrods aka Booths of Keswick, many cheeses, ham, baguettes and some posh chutney …… mmmm, great combination with cheddar.  Bodge gets a prize too as he shared his porky pie, Toppings, with me what a topper, I also nabbed a few other tasty bits when they weren’t looking.  Ha ha.

Onward swiftly down to Grasmere to meet some friends in the largest beer garden in Europe and a hotel with some potential for a grand sausage for my breakfast.  A sunny evening spent in an England football tent watching Messi followed by some food other than sausages, grand.  A full tummy and tired legs, the pub was brilliant slate floor again so I passed out, eyes open for snacks. 

Pic of me and Camilla at the top of Lining Crag..

Another hot day in the hills, where is the picnic

A quick shot of Bodge, aka four pack or climbing man…good grief!

Good grief this is harder than i thought

Annie got conned

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