Its all about hills – Ennerdale to Rossthwaite

Pleased to be leaving Low Cock How as they had two fat Rotties who took against me from the minute I arrived, think it was because I am slimmer and better looking.  Anyway another clear and sunny day so the I will be taking advantage of the Haystacks Tarns, I hope.     

We set off early as apparently we are doing four Wainwrights, Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag and Haystacks, whatever a Wainwright is. (Note I had a quarter of one lousy sausage to last me the day and it wasn’t even a Cumberland).    

Half way to Ennerdale Bridge Camilla realises she has left her camera in the flower pot and Bodge realises he has the keys to the room!!!  Brilliant – so we have to trot back, why she couldn’t have left me with Bodge and Annie I do not know?  I am so hungry I can’t tell you and rumour has it the picnic is not worth stealing….I am going to have to keep my wits about me today…so fellow travellers beware.   

Bodge and Annie bobbing on


Amateur walker here…Lo Cock to Ennerdale Bridge, one and a quarter miles of easy trailsand then a two hour schlep to the head of Ennerdale Water.   

A sharp left at the end of the lake across the very beautiful river Liza.  Rufus here, I told you I was handsome see the shot below, ps starving and we have only done two hours.   

It is a very hot day for wooly mammouths


We begin our ascent up to Red Pike a seemingly easy stroll up a meadow, two hours later we hit the summit. Annie did not eat her breakfast and so shamed herself by sitting ten minutes before the summit for an OJ and piece of fruit cake!   Rufus here – EATING enough is important when you are in the lakes….Annie’s brother would call her a wimp and frankly so do I …pathetic.   

Red Pike was a bit of a challenge so we stopped for a boots-off picnic at the top.  Probably the biggest challenge of my walking career to date and clearly Annie’s.   

"What did I do with my stick....?"


From Red Pike we yomped across to High Stiles and High Crag at a serious pace, as ever we overtook all fellow walkers but paid the price.  Camilla assured us that we had nothing more to fear and then charged us down the biggest scree walk imaginable.  Camilla posing at the top of High Stiles below.   

On Camilla's kneee as she is a bit scared of heights...


The end of the scree staircase, we all ran down which was insane, we met the path up to Haystacks, not the worst but plenty steep enough and another hours walk.  Rufus here…..ah ha Haystacks Alfred W’s fave and mine too.  Why?  Because it is usually a top spot for picnics and for tarns….and sure enough a Tarn was with us as soon as we hit the summit.  I have to show you a few shots of me swimming here as I look so good, no grub to be found yet.    

Chillaxing in the calm of the Haystacks tarn


From Haystacks, where Annie and Camilla had a water fight, we trudged on, yes my paws are hurting and my tummy is empty, up another long path to the summit of a great big slate mine, Honister, and then straight down for another three and a half long miles, no food to be seen for miles.  Getting a bit fed up now, it is very pretty and all that but barely a bunny to chase and certainly no buns to be eaten.  Hrrrmph   


Not too much more to say….the team looked so shatterd on the march down to Rossthwaite that someone stopped and offered them a lift, they said no, I could not believe it my paws are so sore, they have big fat boots I have nothing and still no food…walking it is not a dog’s life.

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