Rufus makes his way to St Bees

Well after much deliberation; maps, hotels DOG BISCUITS, backpacks, wet bags, dry bags….old wind bags…the team are off. C2C T-shirts for all, well except for me. Totally unfair my paws appear on the shirts but I don’t get one, I know all about Human Rights what about Beardie rights. Apawlling.

Off for a quick leg stretcher at 07.40 Bodge and Beam watch out here we come. Pip takes Annie and the bags by car and then off to SOaks station for all of us. Good grief I have to sit on a dirty lino floor what a disgrace. London Charing X cannot come soon enough.
Into a taxi, hee hee, the driver didn’t notice me until we got to Euston, wonder if that meant we paid less? Still sniggering when we arrive at what they call the Piazza and I will now call the Pizza, snacks all over the ground another snacktastic day beckons. Bodge and Camilla have opted for the fat boy breakfast – hot sausage buns, OMG Bodge has had a catastrophe hot sausage fat all over his crisp chinos, hee hee hee what a mess and usually its me!

Coffees, Jelly Babies, Cumberland Sausages and now Annie is off to M and S for even more grub, this lot won’t fit into their clothes by the time they land in Carlisle….
Virgin Train to Glasgow, platform 15, carriage D, seats 1a, 2a and 3a….wait a minute what about me. First no T-shirt and now no blinking seat. They can forget good behaviour this trip I have had enough of this second class nonsense, hang on an upgrade for £15 come on Camilla sort it out.

Anyway here is a picture of me, yes sitting on the floor, look to the seat tho’ that is a bag of Jelly Babies and they don’t think I can get them, want a bet?

Sophie and Georgia, two charming girls from Whitehaven came down for a chat on their way from Carlisle back home, I think.  Which was rather a bonus as beneath their seats I spied a Galaxy wrapper, not supposed to have chocolate so checked Camilla was not looking and snaffled the crumbs straight away. 

The team land at St Bees and Camilla announces we have a mile to walk to Tomlin House, lovely I think Bodge on the other hand, not a wheel anywhere near his suitcase thinks otherwise.  What on earth has Bodge packed…..turns out he has bought a large size bath towel, a smoking jacket (velvet) and a range of other entirely useless things…I may just be a dog but even I could have worked out how to pack a bag for a walk.  Turns out Annie has forgotten her water thingy, her shorts and a whole range of other things.  Camilla is spot on – well she is brilliant after all.

Anyway enough of me, couple of mug shots on the beach and then its off to the pub for dinner.

3 Responses

  1. She says: ” Hello Uncle Rufus and ‘The Team’, I have been reading your blog intently hoping to hear some funny stories of the journey. I must say, if I were with you I doubt Bodge’s sausage would have reached his lap before it left the bun to go in my mouth. My walk today has not been quite as extensive as yours but Fran is hoping to take me out and rack up the miles in the week, hopefully this will also help her fat fighting mission! Looking forward to further updates of your magnificent walk, lots of love your Bubadoo xxxxxx

  2. What on earth is all that about??? Thought this was about your walk.

    Commas please.

  3. Glad to see you’ve got Camilla under control … trust the cow poop was for rolling in and not in lieu of sandwiches! Hope that the hunt for nutritional morsels does not prove too difficult. Keep up the good work … or should I say walk (tee hee).

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