1st of May – 14 miler to Bough Beech

Here we are on the 1st of May, a General Election on the 6th and I know that big Gordy is planning a tax on dogs but I don’t really care.  What I do care about is the fact that Camilla has been taking the training regime seriously with a mega walk every Saturday with a fantastic picnic thrown in…..well some seem to get a picnic…all I seem to get is half a cereal bar.  Bodge and Annie seem very well fed indeed all very unfair.

I overheard the team talking yesterday and apparently we are off to the lakes for two days of Wainwrights and some good grub, hummph in fact THEY are getting the good grub yet again I hear I am just having the usual.  Mustn’t fuss I bet the hotel is grand and the walking even better.

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