Woof – I am Rufus Wainwright Hurst the 1st

RWH top pose

I am a dog and I do a lot of walking and I love it so thought I should share some of my thoughts with you.  I am a dog so may sometimes say some odd things….I am a dog! 

I am a very handsome dog as it happens, even though I do say so myself,.  I have excellent teeth, a very very long tongue and a Roy Orbison toned bark…..all good so far but it gets better….unbelievable perhaps but all true.

My friend and favorite companion is a lass, (sorry did I not mention I am a Northerner), whose name is Camilla, Camilla Hurst, a bit of a posh name but don’t worry she’s all right and she has a pal, (just one called Annie, Anne Nunan).  Camilla is a bit odd, she cuts her hair so that she looks a bit like me, understandable but odd none-the-less, but I kinda love her.   Annie is a case on her own, a bit of a maverick and not one to think clever on big hills, watch out Rufus.

Anyway to cut a long story short.  This blog is going to tell you all about my big adventures; parties I go to, events I attend and walks that I do.  I suspect I will talk about food a lot as I do love a snack – watch out for the coast-to-coast walk – starting on the 19th June 2010.  I cannot wait.

6 Responses

  1. Pleased the journey is going well, if a little short on home comforts and don’t forget to pick up a pebble at St Bees to put in the sea at Robin Hoods Bay, not too big a pebble mind it’s a long way to carry it and we don’t want to tip the balance of the UK too much!

    Have lot’s of fun, Scrumpy will be logging in regularly to check on progress. woof
    lol Scrumpy

  2. Well hello, its me the black slick cocker spaniel the one you left at home and forgot to take on you C2C trip. Hope you all having fun, sounds fun been to the beach already I see!

    I’m just having a quiet day in the garden with my mum she’s been busy putting some brown stuff on the table, she tells me it preserves the wood, strange people these humans. Will keep in touch through your blog better go and play with scrumpy she’s come round to visit me. Bye Woof Jewelxxxxxx

  3. Hello it sounds like it was a good first day. I hope there are no blisters to speak of yet! Maddie dog wishes she was there with you she says it sounds lots of fun with rabbits and birds to chase not to mention all the extra nibble you keep finding! We will be watching the c2c video to keep up to date with you from the comfort of our sitting room.
    Pleased youu are having lots of sun but try not to scare the locals with your bare chest Bodge!
    Have a great day tomorrow Ennerdale to Rosthwaite – any wainrights to bag?
    lol P,M,M,S and M xxx

  4. Rufus….. NO PIES! ….what a disaster may I suggest as this is your second time of doing the c2c you take over the map navigation immediately, I am sure you will have greater success on the pie front with you in charge.

  5. Rufus,

    You are a very lucky dog. I have just spent the weekend at a friend’s house in the country and Anne Nunan was also a guest (and my unofficial driver/ wine expert / buddy). Not only was she great company and good fun to be with, she was also wise and witty in her pronouncements. As a dog you may not realise this, but wit, wine and wisdom are a stellar combination. So, as I mentioned, you are lucky to have Annie as a pal.

    As for Camilla, I do not believe I know her, anyway, Camilla seems a bit of a star as well and when Annie (no doubt soon) invites me down for drinks, I look forward to seeing you both.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your rambles and hikes with Camilla and Annie, but remember, a walk is only as good as the pubs along the way, and a ramble surely has to involve some rum.

    Looking forward to more tales from your journey’s and good luck with snaffling snacks…..

  6. Great picture Rufus, you are astoundingly handsome and I look forward to sharing my next picnic with you, as if I get a choice.

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